Parish Office     

Office phone: 260-424-1485           Office Hours: 9:00am - 4:30pm Monday-Friday

Janice Buck    Secretary    x302

Kim Martinez   Business Manager   x301

Sue Jordan    Pastoral Associate/Director of Religious Education   x307

Veronica Bell   Youth Minister x321

Michael Dulac    Director of Liturgy and Music   517-775-6155

Dave Raatz    Director of Buildings and Grounds

Nancy O'Brien    Parish Nurse   x314

Carolyn O'Rourke    Parish Pastoral Council Chairperson  260-432-8196



Fr. Jacob Runyon Rector     x303

Fr. Peter Dee De     Associate Pastor     x318

Fr. Silvino Ndayambaje      Associate Pastor     x312

Fr. Louis Fowoyo         Associate Pastor      x308

Msgr. Pius Ilechukwu     Associate Pastor    x309